Most frequent questions and answers​

Pricing for our complete shell building system (INSTALLED incl. GALVANIZED EXTERIOR & INTERIOR STEEL WALL FRAMING & FLOOR/ROOF TRUSSES, R12 INSULATION, 3” UNIFORM MONLITHIC THICKNESS GUNITE SPRAY ON ALL EXTERIOR WALLS, CDX 5/8” PLYWOOD ROOF SHEATHING & FOUNDATION SLAB) typically runs $85 – $95 / SF under roof (precise estimate can be provided after receipt of a set of architectural drawings scaled & dimensioned in PDF format).  CAD will be required for engineering.  Material ONLY Kit Pricing also available for General Contractors. 

We are also a Miami Dade certified steel truss manufacturer and can provide a complete roof truss package to builders for field installation.  Price varies with size of job and can only be determined after material take-off using architectural drawings scaled and dimensioned in PDF format.  CAD will be required for engineering. Production to shipment timing is usually within a few short weeks.

The main calculations that affect the price are overall floor square footage, wall height and roof pitch.  The more of each, the more material required, resulting in higher cost.

We can usually put a new project into the que within the current quarterly production schedule.

No, we work under the supervision of you (as owner builder) or your licensed General Contractor.

We build the complete shell from foundation up including roof sheathing.  We do not do any of the MEP, HVAC or finishing or drywall.  Our walls are already pre-stamped for electrical and plumbing, making it less expensive and easier to install wiring & plumbing lines in walls.  Our walls are perfectly straight providing the foundation for a level 4 drywall installation.

The exterior walls will be ready for stucco, brick or any other veneer you’d like to add, depending on the style and look you’re trying to achieve.  The surface is considered as a “Scratch Coat”, ready for Stucco.

Our interior walls are 3 ½” profile, identical to lumber.

We can use architectural drawings from any architect.  For bidding, we need a full set in PDF format.  A corresponding DWG file will be required later for engineering.

We can build any shape structure. Example is a home shown on our website in North Miami, Fl.  It has a round tower on the front that 

Our pricing typically runs between $85 – $95 per sq. ft. under roof for the complete shell. 

The roof can be built to accommodate live load and even a swimming pool.  However, you should be aware that putting a pool on your roof adds considerable cost do to the weight support needed.  We do not build pools as that is a specialty construction process. Our specialty is environmentally safe building structures to withstand hurricane or tornado wind loads and eliminate the risk of termites or other wood boring insects.

Floor truss depths will vary depending on free spans, mechanicals, fire ratings, gauges, point loads, etc. Typically, in residential loads we can keep the floor trusses at 2’ depth with 24” OC.

Roof trusses can be any depth and we can define any heel size. On a shed-type roof truss we can angle top chord for watershed, and the depth can go from 2-3’ at the deep end down to 6-18” at the lower end, all depends on desired pitch and free spans.

We can work with designs based on platform and balloon framing methods.

Either or. When the scope of our contract is to build the shell for the client then the foundation is typically within our scope, which we sub out to a third party.  If we do a material only builder kit contract then the labor, welding & foundation, etc. is all outside our scope. 

In all contract types, the application of the gunite is done by us, even if the contract is a material only contract.

Yes, absolutely.  Roof trusses can be any depth and we can define any heel size. On a shed-type roof truss we can angle top chord for water shed, and the depth can go from 2-3’ at the deep end down to 6-18” at the lower end, all depends on desired pitch and free spans.

Yes, the Spray Rock building system is approved for 90’ vertical wall or 7 stories by Miami Dade product approval (the most stringent building requirements in the U.S.).

Our roofs are designed to meet 185 mph wind loads (EF3 tornado) as standard build however, wind loads can be increased through engineering and additional cost materials if required. All exterior walls can achieve 250 mph wind load rating per our Miami Dade NOA, just 10 mph below an F4 tornado, but well above a CAT5 hurricane at 157 mph.

Class D refers to the area (site) where the building is being built and is typically close to coastlines where wind damage is strongest from hurricanes. Most inland properties are classified as zone C or B in Florida.

Window installation can be with a wood buck or buckless attached directly to the window frame, depending on the window manufacturer recommendation or requirement. However, due to inconsistent window fabrication a window buck is recommended.

We use grace paper (which is a sticky membrane) used between the wood buck and steel frame, aka vapor barrier.  The same method is used on the base plate of all exterior & interior walls.

The building site plan must be pad ready, meaning the soil brought in, compacted, and passed local building inspection before we can begin site work on the foundation.  Water, electric, trash dumpster and portable toilet must be provided on site before any work can commence.

Yes, our building system has been used in the Bahamas, Caribbean Islands and in the country of Panama and holds several U.S. and International patents.