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About Spray Rock

Spray Rock Building Systems couples traditional construction techniques with patented insulation and cladding components to create a building process that provides unparalleled strength, speed and sustainability in the residential and commercial construction industry.

Spray Rock was founded in 2013 through recognizing that traditional building techniques and materials were becoming obsolete in a changing marketplace. The desire for stronger, more sustainable, weather and hurricane resistant structures is commonplace in today’s news headlines. Exemplified by catastrophic weather events cascading the country, homes and buildings are destroyed because they could not sustain the punishment that a Spray Rock Building System is designed and engineered to withstand.

With superior product technologies, patents, and partnerships Spray Rock stands to revolutionize the building industry. To accomplish this goal, in 2013 Spray Rock earned the Miami Dade N.O.A. Product Approval – the most stringent building code in the United States.

Spray Rock continues to pioneer innovative building systems with an international reach and global impact that both homeowners and builders agree is the way of the future.